BOC is expected to drop quasi future may not be 2-3 times lower credit growth

Bank of China (601988, stock it) on the 30th release of “2015 second quarter, the economic and financial outlook report” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) is expected in the second quarter GDP growth of around 7.2%, CPI rose 1.3%. Because the reserve has been playing a hedge changes in foreign exchange, the role of the size of the monetary base smooth, so in foreign exchange reduced, the central bank lowered RRR add liquidity gap of hedge instruments. The future may need to reduce the quasi 2-3 times. RMB credit growth this year will not be lower than last year, should be between 13% -14%, the new RMB loans at 10 trillion -11 trillion yuan.

The report also recommended that fiscal policy afterburner efficiency, the release of more effective demand. In the second quarter, fiscal policy will intensify. At the same time, continuing tax cuts reduce costs, promote in-depth investment and financing, tax reform, accelerate the development of “double engine.” Under the new normal economy, the government will focus on the relationship between a good balance of local government debt management and steady growth between: on the one hand, the establishment of local government debt borrowing mechanism of general obligations and special combination of debt norms. Establish and improve the “spontaneous self also” market-oriented pricing mechanism and restraint mechanism of local government bonds, accelerate the construction of government accrual consolidated financial reporting system occurred. On the other hand, properly handle the stock of debt and financing for projects under construction. The stock of debt classification clean up after the screening included in the budget management, and the gradual replacement of the stock of debt, in order to reduce the interest burden and optimize the term structure. At the same time, set the transition period, to avoid funding strand breaks, to prevent fiscal and financial risks.

In addition, the report also predicts that real estate control policies tend to relax, First, to increase support for the improvement of housing demand, for the first suite of access standards, criteria or two suites will vary. Second Take Measures to actively digest inventory. For example, physical security and monetary subsidies simultaneously, put some stock into public rental housing and resettlement. Part of the stock of high third and fourth tier cities will take further reduce fund application threshold, relax buy settled, taxes, subsidies and other means to promote the consumption of housing stock. Third, continue to increase the intensity of the shantytowns.

Survey shows that the world’s worst punctuality rate seven airports in China Mainland

Reference News Network March 22 reported that Hong Kong reported that, according to a global air travel case tracking American company, on punctuality rate, China’s airports and airlines in the worst performance in the world.

According to Hong Kong, “South China Morning Post” website reported on March 21, according to US-based aviation air travel data provider data network introduced in the 61 largest airports worldwide, punctual departures seven worst performing airports are located in China China, including Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport and Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport bottom.

The three-time departure rate airport is 37.17%, 37.26% and 37.74% respectively.

In the survey, the Shenzhen Bao’an Airport and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (600,004, stock it), Chongqing Airport and Beijing Capital International Airport also show seven airports in the worst column.

In the world’s 61 largest airports, Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan performed best, punctuality rate of 89.76%. In 374 different sizes aviation airports worldwide network of survey data, the best performance Itami Airport in Osaka, Japan, punctuality rate of up to 94.56%.

Zou Jianjun Civil Aviation Management Institute of China said that China lags behind the needs of the airport management and airport network concentrated in a few areas.

He said: “The flight route is too concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, which is a huge challenge for the manager of a large airport even small errors are likely to affect flights to other cities..”

Chinese airport in the Asia-Pacific region’s performance is just as bad. In last year’s survey of the Asia-Pacific region 121 airports of different sizes, the Chinese airports are ranked on the list.

Aviation data network, said that last year, the arrival punctuality rate of global top 10 airlines in mainland China or Hong Kong airline did not figure.

Reported that the US government increased immigration quotas will attract more Chinese people

Reference News Network March 24 reported Hong Kong media said, according to the think tank, recently released a report, along with the US government to increase immigration quotas, plus improve the local business prospects, this year there will be more people apply for a US investor visa mainland.

According to Hong Kong, “South China Morning Post” website reported on March 24 last year, the mainland approved a total of 9128 people EB-5 immigrant investor visa, up 46%. Last year, the United States issued a total of 10,692 investor visas, of which 85% is sent to the Mainland.

Plan on visa no age limit for foreign applicants, there is no language requirement, but applicants must agree to invest at least $ 500,000 in the United States (about 3.1 million yuan), and create 10 full-time jobs, so they can get the United States citizenship.

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Research Center, China and globalization have jointly issued the “China International Migration Report.” The authors pointed out: “affluent Chinese people choose to move to America, because they want the children a better education, and the United States to provide more investment opportunities.”

According to the report, the mainland United States to apply for EB-5 visa, but also because of other problems in the Mainland: air pollution, the pension system is flawed, imperfect, and medical services.

China and Globalization Research Center Wang Huiyao director, said: “The United States, Australia, New Zealand and Europe for wealthy mainland investors very attractive, if a visa in these countries, it is much easier to invest in the local.”

The report also said that due to the appreciation of the renminbi, with high prices in major cities in the Mainland, the US commercial real estate projects is very popular with mainland investors.

The US government in order to create jobs and attract foreign investment, President Obama announced late last year, green card number issued specifically for investment immigration from about 10,000 to 14,000 per year.

According to this plan, foreigners and their family members to invest at least $ 500,000 in high unemployment or rural areas, or invest $ 1 million in other areas, they can be issued a green card.

Part of Australia, New Zealand and European countries have also introduced a similar investment immigration program to attract mainland investors. In Australia, if foreigners invested more than $ 4 million in local (about 19.53 million yuan), investor visas will be issued.

In Spain or Portugal, foreign investors to buy at the local value of 500,000 euros (about 3.39 million yuan) of the property, they can obtain a residence permit; in Cyprus, the value of the purchased property must be at least € 300,000.

However, not all governments have welcomed the investment immigration. Canada, for example last year to cancel its investment visa program, while Hong Kong earlier also suspended a similar program.

China is the world where the most emigrants, there are close to 60 million mainland people hold the United States, Canada, Australia and Singapore and other countries visa.

By contrast, in 2013, less than 850,000 foreigners holding work visas issued by the Chinese government, China accounted for only 0.06% of the population, the ratio is the lowest in the world.

Beijing immigration law scholar Liu Guofu said: “China should reduce immigration requirements …… to help ease labor shortages and attract more foreign talents.”

Poor macroeconomic When is a good time to government investment in infrastructure

Honorary president of Peking University Institute of National Development Justin Lin on the 14th in “CMRC China Economic Observer,” the 40th quarterly report at the meeting said that when the macroeconomic situation is not good government is the best time to invest in infrastructure, should be led by the Government.

Justin Yifu Lin said that this year’s government work report to the economic growth target of around 7%, which is reasonable and necessary. Chinese government is accumulating debt ratio of less than 50%, and there is $ 4 trillion foreign exchange reserves, China has sufficient fiscal space to invest in construction and economic development.

Lin Yifu said eighteen by 2020 to achieve the two “double” the goal, one more than double by 2010 GDP output, two incomes are more than double by 2010. On target in terms of GDP, as long as the remaining years of growth to 6.6%, but taking into account the income and employment problems still remain above 7 percent growth rate.

In the current economic slowdown, the macroeconomic situation in the new normal circumstances, Lin believes, the public there are some errors on the idea. First, the “haze problem is serious, to sacrifice economic growth to protect the environment,” the point of view did not find the core of the problem. Secondly, the “economic transformation is to the consumer instead of the investment to stimulate economic growth, address overcapacity” point of view is not accurate. Overcapacity in the main areas of steel, cement, glass, aluminum and other industries, it is impossible to solve through the expansion of consumption.

Internet of the road white appliances Gairuhezou

Earlier articles about the liquor industry, iron brother electricity supplier of attention by everyone, especially today, to share with appliances white goods industry issues and challenges of the Internet. April 2, Ali announced the establishment of intelligent life division, consolidation Group Lynx Electric City, Ali intelligent cloud, Taobao public to raise three business units, and with the United States in 2015 strategic agreement, known to create a new model for the Internet, in Meanwhile Jingdong “Jingdong help service shop” in the four-tier cities, the Internet means to integrate traditional home appliance sales channels, to seize the home appliance market in rapid logistics, but what kind of model can really transform the current pattern of home appliances it?

Different patterns of black and white appliances

Although black and white appliances belong appliances, but because of their different products and the degree of the Internet, the market structure is different.

Black appliances as the representative of TV entertainment properties due to the heavier, a number of Internet companies have in this competition, aims to build a new TV shopping, and entertainment scene and traffic entrance.

So we see music as Internet companies such as millet have to produce their own brand of TV, and Tencent, Alibaba and other Internet giants have also to cooperate with traditional TV companies. Therefore, the television as the representative on behalf of the black appliances enterprises have non-traditional manufacturing companies a decade ago. Here, iron brother please note that a variety of TV box is an important weapon in the transformation of the Internet company’s traditional manufacturing enterprises.

Compared to incandescent competition black appliances, white goods relatively calm many. Air conditioners, refrigerators penetration few Internet companies to air conditioning, for example, Gree, Midea still occupied most of the country. The reason, on the one hand the threshold of white goods manufacturing is relatively high, such as air conditioning inverter technology can be copied for non-simple; the other Internet companies dialogue Internet appliance transformation has not been adequate attention, scattered voices heard only fragmentation such as refrigerators and automatic identification of food preservation orders, and so on, a lot of talk about soldiers still in the stage of his mouth.

But with the rise of the mobile Internet, intelligent home appliances has become an irreversible trend.

Improved black appliances more sense to improve the user’s entertainment, but to truly improve the quality of life of the user or refrigerators, air conditioners and other white appliances. So we can actually expect the next transformation of the Internet will be more in-depth white appliances.

White appliances Internet-based three docking

Electricity supplier companies to participate in the transformation of the Internet is very easy to fall into white goods sales of misunderstanding, the electricity supplier companies think they hand users and traffic, as long as you can help enterprises to help enterprises to Internet sales as well as transformation of the electricity supplier, Jingdong “Jingdong help service shop “is in this case, through the logistics to cut consumer electronics market.

This is above our analysis of white appliances to bear to improve the user’s quality of life goal is not consistent. Iron brother seems to be white appliances Internet transformation at three levels:

First, data butt

Line sales of home appliances companies sell products under the traditional sales model but no users, there is no product to sell information from the query the user experience and the user’s personalized labels. The electronic business platform users there are massive amounts of data base, you can build a data model based on the user’s information, browsing habits, purchases and other data in order to describe the behavior of the user’s interest in the label, this is clearly based on a clear business goal hobby user behavior.

But only if the platform is large enough electricity supplier, category-wide, multi-user, dimension information so collected was more than enough results close to accurate.

Second, the behavior of the docking

Traditional manufacturing enterprises are often thinking engineers, product engineers design sold by sales staff, in which the user can not participate, only passively accept products.

The electricity supplier is able to analyze the results based on the user’s behavior and interaction in the form of a network, allowing users to participate in the product development process, we also call C2B mode of production. This is the traditional manufacturing enterprises short board is the Internet company’s strengths.

Third, the channel butt

Iron brother why this column in the end, is really think the whole transformation channel butt least, although sales of household electrical appliance enterprises increasingly rely on the Internet to the United States, for example, last year, only two-eleven day trader day cat Sales amounted to 461 million, an increase of 100%. But iron Columbia that because large appliances have been installed in the logistics aspects of the special nature of shipping, it is difficult to accomplish simply by courier, but the needs of enterprises dealers and even customer service team with the terminal. Therefore, iron brother believes appliance industry needs electricity supplier of electronic business platform support traffic requires joint efforts in the areas of logistics and customer service to complete. How to channel the traditional home appliance business lines to be upgraded to accommodate electricity supplier industry is the most important development of the entire work.

Through the above text we can see, the Internet company basically does not establish its own independent white goods brand, but with the traditional white appliance manufacturers to complete in-depth cooperation: cooperation corporate data and Internet business models, and provide marketing platform, traditional manufacturing Enterprises are biased towards manufacturing and upgrading of the entire line under sales channels. Internet-based process is a microcosm of white appliances throughout China Internet sports only.

So the question becomes, what Ali and who better to transform China Jingdong white goods market? I hope you can leave a message to tell the iron brother.